card making: easter eggs by the dozen


Easter is coming!  There’s still time to whip up a cute card so here are a dozen different ideas made to inspire you.  In this article I talk about techniques such as heat embossing, doodling, using fabric, hand-stitching, and masking.  Each card has step-by-step directions, extra photos illustrating different steps along the way, and alternative ideas for a different spin on each design.

Not into Easter cards?  That’s okay!  The oval shape used in these examples can easily be replaced with other shapes for other occasions.  Try a star, heart, a simple circle, a basic rectangle, or a diamond shape – you get the idea – and then follow the directions to create a similar result.  Or stick with the oval shape but change up the color palettes and stamped sentiments.  The possibilities are endless!  Happy crafting!

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recipe: apple pie sticks


I think I first saw a photo of these somewhere on Facebook and could not resist seeking out the recipe.  Before you click on that link let me just warn you with two words: FOOD PORN.  Oh yes.  There are some mighty sexy photos of apple fries dipped in a yummy gooey caramel sauce attached to that very link.  You. Have. Been. Warned.  {giggle giggle}

Mine?  Well.  Let’s just say that I’m not gonna try to call them fries.  They are not skinny.  They are not dainty.   They are big sticks.  But these be yummy sticks so at least they taste better than they look.

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