a few updates

I know I said I’d post some new card designs on Tuesday and that it’s now Thursday and I still haven’t posted anything. So here are a couple of new cards that have recently been added to my collection.

My Etsy sales have been increasing lately – thanks to all of my new customers! I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago to mail one order out to Australia, and even more thrilled to find another order last night to the Down Under! I’ll also be mailing my first package out to someone in Alberta, Canada at the same time. Thanks ladies! I hope you enjoy your cards!

A quick update on the Bubble Spinner situation. So remember how I said that my husband’s coworker had the high score of 2,154? Well, he apparently has nothing better to do at work than compete against two women (me and Tony’s other coworker’s wife) and now holds the highest score of 5,938. Seriously.

And of course – the obsessive type that I am when it comes to competitions – the closest I managed to get was 3,709. But still! That’s pretty good, isn’t it?! LOL

Anywho. I should be making cards instead of endlessly trying to beat his stupid high score. Should is the key word.

A bit of good news in regards to Somerville Open Studios: we won’t be kicked out at 2pm on Sunday after all. Woo hoo! Whoa! When I went to the page to check if it was .org or .com I noticed that I’m on the site’s cover page – check it out!

Okay, now it’s time to get off the computer and back into the crafting room. TTFN!


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