a few good things

I had a pretty productive weekend getting ready for SOS, and I still managed to be pretty social too! It’s funny to think back to the days (not so so long ago even) when I used to stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning just to work on scrapbook layouts. I think I was up until midnight on Friday night and even that was a stretch for me. Yikes! I’m really getting to the point where getting even 30 minutes less sleep a night really effects me the next day (read: I’m getting old!).

My brother-in-law, Joe, spent the night after he and Tony went to watch our friend, Jim’s, band (Gene Dante & The Future Starlets) compete in the 2009 WBCN Rock n’ Roll Rumble on Friday night. I cooked dinner for them and our friend, Don, before they left and then I made a batch of the Magic Blondies for a dinner party we went to on Saturday night at Tony’s ex-boss’ house. Then on Saturday morning, we went over to the Sherman Cafe for breakfast. It’s a cute little place in Union Square on Washington Street.

Then somehow I managed to crank out 17 little clutch purses within the next five hours.

Must be something in the latte I had that morning! LOL

Well, I should correct myself and say that I had done all the cutting a couple of nights ago so Saturday was primarily just sewing the pieces together, attaching the elastic closures, and then turning them right side out. But times that by 17 and that’s where you get the five hours. Sigh. And then the buttons were sewn on by hand last night.

Anyway, then we walked over to Jie’s house/mansion. I kid you not! Her house is amazing. And giganomous. Two of his old coworkers were there, too, so it was a nice small group of us. Joey and his fiancee brought some really delicious shrimp and noodle wraps that were so refreshing. Jie cooked us a wonderful Peking duck dish, and we had some chocolate cake that John brought. And lots of wine! I think Tony and I drank the whole bottle of Riesling that we brought, and then Jie whipped out some Prosecco for dessert. Fun time!

Sunday was a super productive day and it was actually good to be indoors in our relatively cool apartment compared to the 80+ degree weather that was outside. I know, that doesn’t sound very hot but it was pretty humid and it felt like a summer day rather than spring. Of course, I’ll take that over any rain or snow storm, but still. Too hot for April!

I managed to put together these little 4-packs of note cards in a variety of colors, I think 14 packs total. Each set contains one each of four greetings, plus the envelopes. I hope they go over well at SOS.

And then today started off in a nice way: one of my coworkers brought me two huge bags of mixed candy that she bought at Costco over the weekend to contribute toward the candy bowl. I still can’t get over how thoughtful that was of her to do! Here’s a shot of the candy after I dumped it into the shopping bag.

Seriously people, this bag weighs a ton! I don’t think we have to worry about the candybowl going empty for a while.

I think this is what it would look like if you were an ant that fell into the bag. LOL

And here’s what keeps people happy at the office: a full candy bowl.

Oh and I ended up using “schooled” as the subject line in the email I sent to Trevor notifying him of my Bubble Spinner score. Tony said he was quite irked and said, “You’re wife is killing me.” LOL I love me some competition fo sho! 😉

Hope you all had a good Monday!


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