webs in northampton, ma

When I first heard about Webs, it was described to me as the Mecca of all things related to yarn. So when we first walked in there, I was kind of expecting to be wowed. You know, I knew it was coming. But seriously? I mean, wow.

Row after row full of beautiful yarns in so many different colors and textures!

And a whole wall (I believe it actually went on further than this) full of needles in every size imaginable. And the coolest (and cutest!) knitted samples all throughout the store. Like this adorable baby sweater that I think I petted for at least two minutes.

And tons of books and patterns to browse through! Such an array of fun projects to add to my list of faves.

So after telling the husband to go find a comfy chair to sit in (it was boiling hot outside so the car was not an option) because I knew I would be there for over an hour, he went off to meander and locate said chair. Alas, they were all taken by other waiting husbands/boyfriends but he did say to me, “Oh boy. You might want to go to the back of the store.” And then I remembered: the WAREHOUSE!!

Um, yeah. I think I did wet my pants a teensy bit when I walked through that door. My pictures don’t even do it justice (and of course, it’s super blurry because I couldn’t hold still long enough) – these aisles were long and stocked full of goodness.

It took me forever to go down each aisle, looking and feeling just about every single kind they had there. What is neat is that you can buy just one skein or you can get bags of the same colorway if you need to. Awesome. I snapped this photo of one called “Williamstown” because that’s the town that Tony grew up in.

So what did I end up getting? Errr, you mean, what did I end up spending my horse race winnings on?! (See previous post.) I bought some extremely soft baby alpaca yarn in four different colors. Mostly because, well, they were only $4 each. And also because I couldn’t pick just one color.

I got two skeins of this Misti Alpaca yarn simply because I love the color of it. I’m not sure what they will turn into but I couldn’t resist the color.

And then I found this pattern that I am obsessively thinking about. I think it’s so cute!
So I bought 10 skeins of this Classic Yarn in a dark grey and muted blue colorway to hopefully one day create the sweater. I couldn’t believe they were only $3.25 a skein!

And to make the contrasting trim, I picked up two skeins in a soft green color (you know me and green!).

And then as a treat (again, back to the horse prize), I bought a swift and yarn winder. Although, I’m not so sure I’m psyched about the blue and orange combo, but it’ll do the trick so it doesn’t matter, right?

Anywho, as you can see by the new additions to my yarn stash, I think I’ll be busy for a little while. I can’t imagine living closer to the store than this (it’s about a 2.5 hour drive) because I’m sure I’d break the bank with each trip there. Definitely worth the drive though! And an easy way to spend two hours!!


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