lines walking

“Lines Walking” is a solo art exhibit by one of our friends, Lennie Peterson. We attended the opening reception on Wednesday night and got to view some of his exquisitely detailed art at Harvard University’s “Three Columns Gallery”. Some of you may remember me mentioning Lennie after we received a seriously cool Christmas card from him last year (if not, click here).

The portraits celebrate the marriage of music and visual art, and are Lennie’s way of paying tribute to musical genius. The original artwork is six-feet high, with all details meticulously hand-drawn in pen, ink and oils.

One piece that was probably my favorite (certainly one we stared at for a long period of time) was his “Circle of Fifths” drawing. It’s in three frames and there is just so much detail in each inch of the paper (literally art within art), it’s quite incredible. Here’s one piece of the drawing:

And here is the work in full with a red circle pointing out where the previous scene is located in it.

As one person in New York told Lennie at an exhibit: “This is exquisite shit!”. It really is!

The exhibit is free and open to the public at the Mather House (10 Cowperthwaite Street in Cambridge, MA) until April 16, 2010. It features twelve of Lennie’s large 6′ x 3′ composer portraits and several other works including a collection of his pen and ink surrealisms and smaller portraits.

A shot of us with the artiste extraordinaire


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