random acts of kindness


A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual. – Wikipedia

I don’t know if it has been the dreary, cold, winter weather lately or all of the bad news that seems to constantly stream through the television, but my sense of morale and faith in human kind has been rather small and dark lately.

I know that is very difficult for many of you to imagine about me: the ever-so-positive cheerleader of the pack.  But it’s true: everyone goes through a time where some highs are really high, and some lows can seem really low.

Lately, I have been in a state of low.  You hear about people shooting each other on the streets at night.  You read about the douche bag that ran into a six-year-old girl in a crosswalk and then sped away.  You see the same homeless man sitting on the curb asking for money, yet this time his hands are frozen hard because it’s winter now and homelessness doesn’t understand frigid weather.  You hear about people losing loved ones suddenly.  You watch the woman with two small children in front of you in the grocery line as she carefully watches each item being rung up, wondering if she is going to have to take that bunch of bananas off of today’s tab because they are a dollar too much.  You watch the smut on TV about people who beat up their infant children – sometimes killing them – and then you read a sad story about a couple who really want a baby yet they can’t have one.  You hear about some football player refusing to show up to something as stupid as practice because he wants to be paid more money, and at the same time people are overseas fighting wars for us and dying everyday.

Sometimes it can be really hard for me to see the good in the everyday because there is just so much bad around us.

But that’s where you/I have to see past all these sad things, and cherish all the good that is in our lives.  Good like the genuine laughter from telling someone a funny joke.  The good feeling that you get when someone asks you for a hug just because.  The simple goodness of hearing “please” and “thank you”, or my favorite, “you’re welcome”.  The goodness that you hope you spread to someone else when they see you doing something kind for someone else, and helping them to believe that not everything is bad in this world.  And the best form of goodness: random acts of kindness.

Another reason I think it is difficult for anyone to believe that I, Candice, could ever be feeling oh-so-low is because I choose to surround myself with nothing but good people.  It’s because of those thick-skinned individuals that I can bounce back from the lowest of lows.  People who show me and [often unknowingly] tell me that there is still a ray of light out there, that all is not bad, and that I am loved.  And that is what keeps me going.

I know I’ve often written about my kind coworkers, and really, I could write twice as much about their genuine thoughtfulness and acts which have helped form friendships over a short course of time.  I end this post on a positive note and an example of a random act of kindness:

I found these handmade earrings on my chair at work one afternoon and nearly cried.  They are from one of my coworkers.  It was perfect because I had not worn earrings that day, and they happened to match my sweater.  My eyes got watery, my heart grew warm, and again, I was reminded that there is still good out there in this big world of ours.


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