kodak gallery creation

Sometimes there are little perks for being a blogger that talks about food whether it’s about making it, eating it, or reviewing it.  At times it has been being recognized for a restaurant review and treated to free apps on a second visit.  And at other times it’s something as simple as multiple visits to my blog via a Google search for a new restaurant.  As a Foodbuzz member, sometimes those perks come by way of something called a “tastemaker outreach”.  Let me explain.

Besides being an awesome way for bloggers around the world to connect about food, Foodbuzz offers members a chance once in a while to opt-in to test products from various companies.  I lucked out this time and was selected for the Kodak Gallery tastemaker outreach, where I was given the chance to create a medium-sized hardcover photo book to try out their quickstart tool.  And of course, all of you know how much I love to take photos so this was an awesome prize for me!

But then I thought, “Oh crap, what do I want to make a photo book of???”  I mean, I have a ton of photos of food (duh) but I’ve got a bigger project in mind for those pics (the recent ones – since the pregnancy began – will be used in a “what I ate” book for our daughter to see all of the yummy things I consumed while she was in my belly).  Do I make one of a trip we took last year because I had all the intention to back then (or at least scrapbook about it) but still haven’t yet?  And then it dawned on me: make one of the kitchen renovation project!

The kitchen is definitely the one room I spend the most time in, and the transformation that ours went through this spring was worth documenting.  So I sat down and uploaded all of the photos (120+) and in no time I was creating a book showcasing the before, during, and after phases of the project.  It was super easy with the quickstart tool because it automatically arranged the photos into layouts that I could easily go in and edit afterward.

I liked being able to have some pages with a single photo, some pages with multiple photos, and being able to add text here and there.  I went with a simple black background and white photo border look but there are 40 design themes and 78 background styles to choose from .  I thought something of this scope would take me two nights to work on (me being picky/particular) but I sat down around 10 pm and managed to finish the entire book by 12:30 am (yes, I realize that’s late but you get the point – two and a half hours tops).

The basic medium-sized hardcover book (starting at $22.99) comes with 20 pages but you can add more (up to 60) for an additional charge.  Mine ended up being 43 pages in the end (I told ya, I take a lot of pictures!) so keep that in mind when I say it took me two and a half hours to put together.

From now until August 31st, Kodak Gallery is offering my readers 40% off a medium hard cover book – or – a large photo book if you use this link.  So get your photos together and make your own photo book just the way you want it!  I can’t wait to get this creation in the mail.  🙂


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