today’s lunch

Delicious shrimp and chicken pad thai at Sweet Ginger in Union Square, complete with my epi pen on hand just in case of a sudden food allergy reaction.  Although I was nervous about eating at a Thai restaurant for the first time in years (because they use bell peppers and carrots in a lot of their dishes), I decided to try it out and made sure to ask questions before ordering.  I wasn’t brave enough to try peanuts in my diet again today, so I did have them omit those.  Let me just say, my feedback of “Oh my God, this is the most delicious thing I’ve had in a while” is probably a reflection of how long it has been since I’ve eaten this dish.  Therefore you can interpret it to mean something more like, “This pad thai was very delicious” and I think you get the point.

And while I have your attention, just a quick reminder that today is the last day to vote for this blog in the CBS most valuable Boston blogger contest under the “everything else” category.  Thanks to all my fans, family, and friends for voting everyday until today — I really appreciate all of the support!  Not sure when the winners will be announced but stay tuned.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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