card making: getting started


So you want to try card making, eh?  Well this is a good place to start.  Card making can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.  Making a card can be as easy as taking a piece of paper and folding it in half, writing a little note on the inside, sticking it in an envelope, and sending it off in the mail.  The important part of doing something like that?  It’s the fact that you thought of someone else and took the time to do something for them that really matters.

Let’s move on to the reasons people (you specifically) like to make cards.  Or, why do you send them?  Besides the typical birthday occasions, there are a hundred other reasons to send someone a card in the mail (just go walk down one aisle in a Hallmark shop and you’ll see what I mean!).  I enjoy making cards knowing that there is going to be someone at the receiving end who might possibly smile or feel warm – for even just a few seconds – by opening up an envelope and finding out that someone was thinking of them.

If you’d like to know my suggestions for getting started on this fun hobby, here are some articles that can help you:

  • Basic Supplies: These are the tools and supplies I always have on hand when doing any sort of paper crafting, but more specifically card making.  Things like adhesives, my handy paper trimmer, basic punches, etc.
  • Reasons to Send a Card: Lists of holidays, special occasions, and different scenarios where it’s appropriate to send a card.
  • Choosing a Size: There are many different size options for cards.  If you’re planning to create your own card bases, this might be a good reference in terms of how many you can cut out of one sheet of paper.
  • Card Sketches: Once you’ve gathered some supplies, these can help determine how you want to set up and place different elements such as patterned paper, little embellishments, or a sentiment.


And then once you’ve created your card(s) snap a photo and share them with me on Flickr!  (You can also go to that Flickr site for more inspiration and ideas on how to use the card sketches.)

I hope you find card making as enjoyable as I do.  I’m here to answer any questions or solve any of your crafting issues so don’t hesitate to ask!

Be crafty!  🙂


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