o sushi (cambridge)


O, sushi!  Yes, it certainly is my all-time favorite food.  I could never get tired of eating it and I’m so happy that my family enjoys it almost as much.  Yup, that includes our 3-year-old daughter who – during the day while at home bored and on the kitchen floor – decided to video call her daddy at work and begged to have sushi for dinner.  Luckily, he agreed.  And that’s when we decided to try out O Sushi in Harvard Square.



It’s a nice place with a lot of seating, and not too fancy where I didn’t feel uncomfortable bringing a toddler.  They have a nice selection of draught beers, cocktails (the yuzu gimlet was very tempting! but I went for a glass of Moscato), and wines.  To start, we ordered some edamame and fried pork gyoza.

osushi3In hindsight, I realized that I meant to order the pan-fried gyoza instead of the fried version but it didn’t really matter because they were still good.  I think our daughter really enjoyed the crispiness of them!  The edamame are broiled and are served kind of al dente (for the lack of a better term) – kind of still chewy and not mushy the way I overcook them at home sometimes.  “Very poppable out of their shell,” is probably what little E would tell you.


My husband ordered the Tiger’s Eye sushi roll which had cucumber, avocado, salmon, and tobiko with seared scallop on the outside and topped with sriracha sauce.


The sake maki roll (salmon) was a big hit with little E who was so excited when she saw the plate coming and grabbed one before our waitress could even place the plate on the table!  I actually think that the proportion of salmon to rice in the rolls was great, especially knowing how some places can skimp on the salmon.  I also like that the rice was not cold and a little bit warm.

A sushi meal for little E generally consists of a bowl of steamed rice (she’ll eat sushi rice but she’s not a big fan – I think she likes it in small portions), a bowl of miso soup, and a sake maki roll.  I didn’t get a photo of the miso soup but it was delicious!  And the way that it was presented had a smaller bowl on top as a cover, which actually was the perfect size for her.  It had big slices of mushroom, nice small squares of tofu, and wasn’t completely covered in scallions.


And I thoroughly enjoyed the Salmon Lovers roll because it had salmon three ways: raw inside, slightly smoked on the outside, and roe on top.  Again, loved the big pieces of salmon inside the rolls and the proportions of each ingredient overall.  It looks like there are 4 large pieces on the plate but there were actually 8 total (each of these were halved).

Overall it was a great dining experience: we managed to get a table right away (it was a Monday early-afternoon), our waitress was friendly and attentive, the food was delicious, and the borderline techno/dance music in the background wasn’t too annoying (besides, we had our own form of entertainment in little E).

But excellent sushi is not cheap!  One of the reasons I chose O Sushi was because I recently scored a Restaurant.com certificate.  It took a little bit off our tab which made dining there that night seem like we were going to a less-expensive restaurant.  But if you really love sushi like I do and want to try a place that has excellent quality fish and great options, give O Sushi a try.  They also have Japanese and Korean dinner entree options if sushi is not your thing (of if the friend you’re hanging out with can’t do sushi).  Highly recommend this restaurant for a date night, it’s kid-friendly, and not so fancy that you have to dress up.  And guess what!  They deliver!  🙂

O Sushi Restaurant
1 Eliot Street
Cambridge, MA
Harvard Square



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