project life :: saving artwork


I used to be an avid paper scrapbooker.  Like I mean, I used to fill albums with 12″x12″ pages full of photos, journaling, and the latest and greatest embellishments.  Of course, this was before I had a child and it seemed like there was more time in a day!  But now that I have a little human that I want to preserve memories for, I’ve slowly tried to get back into scrapbooking by way of Project Life.  I tried doing it by combining some paper elements with digital elements (because all of my photos are digital files now) but even that got to be a little time consuming for me when she was very little.  Then one day, Becky Higgins and her crew at Project Life decided to create an app that was Android friendly, and that has been a real lifesaver for me ever since!

I could go on and on about the app (or you could just go search #projectlifeapp on Instagram) but for now I’ll focus on sharing some of the great uses for it.

When you have a kid that LOVES to draw and create things it can lead to huge piles of saved artwork! I’ll be the first to tell you that at least half go in the recycling bin, but even then there is A LOT of artwork collected! So lately I’ve been taking a really good picture of the drawings we want to save and putting them into a Project Life layout.  Then I upload the layout to Persnickety Prints and wait until I have a bunch of them accumulated to print and keep in an album*. That way I can compress about 4-6 drawings into one sheet and make room for more art that’ll be made. And I’m scrapbooking at the same time! The best thing is how easy it is with the Project Life app. Folks, I put this one together in about 5 minutes. It’s that simple!

Another thing that I love about the app is how I can quickly put photos into a layout and save it until I’m ready to go back and add the journaling details.  This is especially useful while we’re on vacation as I can do it day by day and not feel overwhelmed by the time we get home to try and remember all of the little moments I want to capture.

Now this “*” is because yes, you can print directly through the app, but I have not tried it yet!  That feature only recently became available to Android users and I’m so comfortable with Persnickety Prints that I’m not ready to try anything different yet.  You know?  Why change something when you’re so happy with it, right?

So I hope that this kind of gets you motivated to begin compiling memories and doing something with the gazillion photos that you’ve taken (if you’re like me!).  Even if you don’t print them out to store in an album, they make great collages to look at later.  They can be uploaded to Shutterfly and used in an album too, which is how I keep our vacation memories stored.


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