diy :: food skewers out of buttons

I’ve been on the whole lunch box packing thing lately. There is a ton of inspiration out there for fun ways to jazz up what might otherwise be considered a boring meal.  One thing that is pretty common to use are food picks or skewers.  Fast forward to a trip to our local craft store and E eyeing a package of cute mermaid themed buttons.  I snuck them into our shopping basket when she wasn’t looking and decided to try to make my own plastic skewers that could be reused in her lunches.  Because you know me, I’m just crafty like that.  🙂

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introducing crafty lunch lady

With our kid starting kindergarten soon, I’ve been practicing packing her lunch while using a spiffy Bentgo Box.  I love this thing!  We’re going to let her buy lunch at school a couple of times per month too (read: on pizza days!) but since she tends to be particular about what she likes to eat, this’ll be a way for me to make sure she’s eating well during the day.  She’s generally a good eater but she’s less likely to try new foods if we’re  not there with her.  Plus she said that opening up her lunch box each day will be such a fun surprise!

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