saving holiday greeting cards

We have a really large chunk of blank wall space in our living room that becomes a canvas for all sorts of decorations and creations depending on the current holiday or season.  One thing that we look forward to each winter holiday season is filling up that space with the wonderful greeting cards from family and friends.  But what do you do with all of the cards once the holidays are over?  You could simply recycle them.  Or if you’re like me and want to save a few of them, you can keep them together with a simple binder ring.

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card making :: stampin’ blends

A while ago, Stampin’ Up! came out with alcohol-based markers to use along with their stamp sets. Unfortunately they were only on the market for a short time as they discovered an issue with the manufacturer.  Alas, they’ve come up with a new line of them and I had the opportunity to try some of them out.  These dual-tip markers are being offered in 12 different colors and 2 shades (a light and a dark) within each color, plus a color lifter marker.  They’re a great way to color in stamped images where you want to see some use of shading.  I’ve paired them up with the “Floral Statements” stamp set to try them out.

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SOS 2012 :: day 1

There was a point about a year ago now where I fell into quite a crafting funk.  I mean, I just couldn’t put two and two together to create a card to save my life.  I don’t really know why that happened but after conversing with some of my artsy friends, it seems to happen to everyone now and then.  Luckily for me, the best thing about doing a craft show has been gaining the motivation back to create new and fun card designs.  Alas, with a newborn it can get tricky.  You know, with this whole lack of time to oneself and all.  (I laugh as I type this and I’m sure anyone with a baby/kid will understand my sarcastic tone here.)  So before I show you some of the newest card designs I thought I’d show you what my work space looked like one evening when I did have a few quiet minutes to myself, complete with the baby monitor in full view.

I am really loving these new “celebrate” cards!  I made some for ‘mom’, ‘dad’, ‘you’, and ‘us’ for SOS and they have been a big hit so far after day one.  And yes, those squares are all individually cut with a paper trimmer.  And yes, those letters are all individually hand stamped by moi.  I’ll admit, it’s one of the most time consuming designs I’ve made in a long time but I think the overall design and how the message just pops out made it all worth it.

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