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Hello and welcome to the home of ShortcakeScraps.  My name is Candice and I like to call myself a renaissance crafter since I dabble in various hobbies including card making, photography, knitting, sewing, and cooking.

How did I get that name, ShortcakeScraps, you ask?  Well it all started back in high school. My freshman English teacher — and to this day, still a long-time, wonderful friend — Ms. Carrai, began calling me Shortcake as a nickname.  Well let’s face it folks, I wasn’t exactly the tallest person in the school.  (In case you don’t know me, I’m only 4’7″.) And well, it just kind of stuck with me ever since.  Then when I began selling my cards (thanks to my now brother-in-law’s kind suggestion) and needed to come up with a business name, I simply added “Scraps” to it since it described my sole crafting obsession back then (scrapbooking).

Good thing that I didn’t have all these hobbies back then like I do now.  Otherwise I could be ShortcakeSnaps (photos).  ShortcakeSews. ShortcakeKnits.  ShortcakeCooks.  ShortcakeBakes.  ShortcakeBeads.  Oy vay.  I like the sound of Scraps.

With all these hobbies, I have to say that my strongest passion is for celebrating the memories we gather through our life experiences.  Much of this can be seen in my photography and scrapbook layouts. I’ve been lucky to have several layouts and greeting card designs published in various magazines and idea books. “Love Notes” is a greeting card idea and how-to book that features fifteen of my card designs and is available through

Whatever your reason for stopping by, I hope you find a little bit of inspiration from this website to do something crafty today.


4 thoughts on “more about me

  1. Hi Candice, I just realized the blog posts you keep putting up on your FB are actually from your own blog! Looks great, and your Etsy store stuff is really nice, I’ve bookmarked it for later. Keep it going!

  2. Hello Candice, I had bookmarked a recipe you posted on an earlier site for “no-mayo cole slaw” but can no longer find it. It was the best! Any chance you could re-post it or email it to me? I recall it being fairly simple, but can’t remember all the proportions. Thanks!

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  4. Hi Candice, stumbled upon your site… Neat stuff. It will be hard to resist calling you Shortcake–love that! For those of you reading this: This lady makes awesome cupcakes and also has an amazingly cute baby and a sweet disposition. Hugs!

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