did you know?

Since finding out that I’m allergic to peas, corn, beans, and nuts — yes, this was all heart-breaking info at the time — I’ve learned that there is a lot to be said for reading labels. The problem? Sometimes I’m too lazy or forgetful to do it. The worst problem? I discover that there is something like corn starch or some other ingredient deeply hidden inside a food product and I break out in an itch or have a terrible stomach ache.

So did you know that corn syrup (and high fructose corn syrup) is actually made from corn? That sucks big time for me. Basically that means that I can’t have any more soda, candy, and other products that contain corn syrup.

Good bye Swedish fish. Good bye Sprite. Good bye Altoids.

Luckily, my new favorite fruit drink, Izze, is 100% pure fruit juice and sparkling water (I just read the label – LOL). And thank goodness things like Nestle’s chocolate chips don’t contain corn syrup so I can still eat my homemade cookies.



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