i’ve been turned in!

Creating Keepsakes Magazine recently ran a contest called “Turn in Your Friend“. Basically, someone could submit three of your layouts to them in the hopes of winning the grand prize – tuition for the turned in friend and the submitter to CKU in Provo, Utah this summer plus about $1,000 in products – EACH!! Tony’s sister-in-law, Marina, turned in three layouts for me the other day and she received an email from them yesterday saying that I made it into the top 20!! I can’t even tell you how EXCITING it is to know that I made it that far! They said they’d determine the winner today so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

On a totally different note … I have a consultation appointment with the oral surgeon in about 2.5 hours to talk about extracting four teeth. Lovely. Doesn’t help that it’s raining cats and dogs outside, too. Oh well. At least it’s Friday! And payday!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “i’ve been turned in!

  1. OK… two good things (CK and payday!) vs. one not-so-good thing… not bad for a Friday, eh? Good luck on the tooth… I HATE having my teeth worked on in any way, shape or form (what a baby I am!) so I’m not jealous! And, if you win CK and your SIL can’t go, give me a jingle! 🙂

  2. OMG Candice, that’s awesome that Marina turned you in and you made the top 20…have you heard anything yet?I’m so glad to have another blog to read..I love blogs. thanks for sharing with us!

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