coast to coast

My my, how time flies by! Okay so maybe that’s just my excuse for not posting something sooner …

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks. Took a trip out to the West Coast to take care of my two nephews while my sister flew out to S. Korea to spend time with her husband (he’s in the Army and is stationed out there) so that my Mom & stepdad wouldn’t have to take more time off of work. What an adventure!

Yes, it was stressful at times.

Yes, they made me cry when they cried (especially the little dude when he kept calling for his mama — oh, what a heartbreaker!).

Yes, I changed a lot of diapers. Poopy and otherwise.

Yes, I woke up when they woke up in the middle of the night. And at 4 a.m.

And yes, I still want children! 🙂

I think I freaked my boyfriend out when I told him I want a baby. LOL (P.S. I was the only one laughing. Eeks.)

Anyway, now it’s all about playing catch up both here at home and at work, not to mention with my social life and old coworkers to see what they’ve been up to.

Hey, letting a kid run around the backyard with just a diaper isn’t considered child abuse, is it?!

Oh and the night after I got back, my boyfriend and I chased a full moon after we saw a movie. By the way, we saw “The Breakup” and it was better (and a lot more serious) than we expected it to be. Anyway, we got to the Charles River in time to get a couple of shots of the moonlight on the water. Our whole “moon chase” reminded me of how (when I was a little girl) I would think that the moon followed me everywhere, especially in the car while we were driving somewhere. I used to think we were chasing after it and we’d catch up to it some day. Silly, huh?


2 thoughts on “coast to coast

  1. GREAT moon shots! WOW! And, wonderful pics of the kidlets in CA! Glad you had a nice (and stressful!) time and glad you’re back home safe and sound! 🙂 Now back to the grind, eh?

  2. So glad you posted an update… I thought maybe you were giving up on the blog thing. I missed reading your posts.I am glad you had a nice visit even though it was a lot of work! But it is so worth every minute. Great pics too. Glad all is well!

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