so much to do …

The new year brings so many things to my “to do” list. Or, I should say, there are so many things I have discovered lately that I have that “I totally HAVE to do this!” attitude. So many knitting projects, card ideas, things to check out … the list goes on and on.

Plus, I’ve been on this lovely drug called Prednisone lately. One of the side effects is hyperactivity.

And boy, let me tell ya … I’ve been running on fumes this past week without sleep! I think I’ve averaged 4 hours a night. Seriously. I get a rush at 11 pm to wanna stay up and work work work. I gotta move move move. Then 3 am comes around and I crash crash crash. Freaky.

So tomorrow is the day that I take the very last pill and I’m a teensy bit afraid what I’m going to be like tomorrow night. I think I might pass out at like seven or something really early like that.

And on that note, let’s just say that I’m glad I’ve managed to get a TON of things done in the past week thanks to el drug, including a special request of 45 bridal shower invitations. Almost done knitting the fiancee’s long awaited winter scarf. [Yes, I know it’s winter now. Yes, I know I should be working on that instead of my blog right now.] Updated my MySpace layout and photo. Designed a bunch of cards. And don’t forget – I updated my blog! LOL

Also wanted to send a shout out to a couple of customers real quick. You all should check out Marissa’s blog – she and her husband do restaurant reviews like yours truly. And hello to Cathie – hopefully you’ve found this page via my website.

Oh and a special CONGRATS goes out to my friend Susan and her hubby Eric — she’s prego! Yay!!!

And last – but most certainly not least – a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish out to my friend Renee who’s birthday is this Sunday. Oh and to my future mother-in-law who’s birthday is on the 24th. Oh and to you too, Norma. 🙂

Now where is that darn scarf I need to finish …


2 thoughts on “so much to do …

  1. Hey Candice…….nice invites!!!! Your so talented. How is everything going???? Check out my blog when you get a chance for our latest announcement!! We gotta get togethr soon!!!!

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