viva las vegas

We’re back from our Vegas trip! We went out there for a couple of days while my mom attended a hair show. We played a little bit of roulette and blackjack; my stepdad and Tony learned how to play “Let it Ride”. We ate dinner at Roy’s (Hawaiian fusion cuisine) one night and had some of the BEST fish ever! Got to see the “Ka” Cirque de Soleil show at the MGM Grand hotel which was simply amazing. Ate dinner at The Social House at our hotel (Treasure Island) and sat at a table next to an Ultimate Fighting Championship guy, Tito Ortiz (we didn’t know who he was but the waiter told us). Funny enough, his entourage consisted of a dozen VERY good looking (i.e. fake boobies and big muscles) people so I said that it was probably a group of porn stars and Tony thought they were wrestlers. We were close! Tito’s girlfriend is porn star Jenna Jameson – go figure! Anyway, we had a great time in Vegas. Didn’t quite hit the jackpot but didn’t lose the shirts off our backs either. It was fun hanging out with mom & Mike, plus we both got haircuts from mom in their bathroom at the Bellagio! 🙂

Oh and we saw Elvis. Listening to an iPod. Only in Vegas.

One thing that eight hours of flying time is good for is knitting. Alas, my new project — a pullover type of shawl knitted on circular needles. I’m using this really pretty Noro yarn called Silk Garden in color #243 and 36″ size 10 circular needles. I didn’t have the pattern to start it with, so I cast on something like 220 stitches. My friend Jill and I are doing this at the same time. At first, we both cast on what seemed like very few stitches (i.e. it wouldn’t fit around our shoulders) which is why I started over. We just got the book back in stock at the shop and I looked up the pattern. Turns out that you’re only supposed to cast on 158 stitches, so mine may be a little loose. Oh well! The striping is turning out really neat – can’t wait to see what it will look like in the end. Check back in about 6 months – hopefully I’ll have it done by then — LOL!


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