eeeeegads, is it really april?!

With the recent snow and less than 30 degree mornings lately, you really wouldn’t believe that it’s April here in New England, let alone that Spring is here. Surely, one sign that Spring has sprung: Easter.

We’re heading over to my fiancee’s aunt’s house tomorrow morning and this year I baked coconut lemon bars (that’s a whole other post waitin’ to happen – seriously) and raspberry linzer cookies to bring along. Yum. Last year I used a round cookie cutter. But this year, the Easter Bunny came to town. In the form of a copper cookie cutter mind you (big thanks to our stepmom for that gift). And alas … he had his heart cut out of him!

Well, that was probably a real gruesome way of describing it. But anyway … this dude and six more of his buddies will hopefully delight some tastebuds tomorrow. Oh and by the way, thanks to Welch’s for creating a squeeze bottle of seedless raspberry jam! Can I get an Amen?! I took off the original top it came with and used a squeeze bottle top instead. Presto. So fricken easy.

And lastly before I go and clean up the mess that powdered sugar can make, I want to post a photo of a card that I recently entered in the new A Muse Art Stamps reader gallery contest (yes! here we go again!). This time it’s a Mother’s Day theme. I hope to get a few of them in this time so I’m going to cross my fingers that my creativity-mojo comes back soon.

Happy Easter everyone!


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