thank goodness for nordstrom

My mom bought me a pair of cute, dressy, black shoes a while ago from Nordstrom and they were too big for me. During our trip in California she told me to go there with the shoes and receipt to ask for a refund. Of course, I was skeptical that they’d allow us to get a refund after all this time had lapsed. Alas! They kindly took the shoes back and without any questions!

But then of course, during the 1.5 milli-second walk from the entrance to the kids’ shoe counter, I happen to see a pair of cute brown shoes on display. *big cheesy grin* It was a size 1 and it fit perfectly! So the woman at the counter offered to do the exchange for me, but she couldn’t find the other side of the pair! She looked all over the back while I searched the front display but no success. So on top of kindly taking back an old purchase, she ordered the brown shoes to be delivered for free to our address in Massachusetts!

And tah-dah! They arrived today!

I knew there was a reason I love Nordstrom. 🙂


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