happy sunday morning

So you know, I can’t cook all the time. In those rare instances, we like to go out and sample local places for good eats. 🙂 This morning, we drove out to Boston and went to the Fort Point Channel location of Flour Bakery. It’s the larger version of Joanne Chang’s bakeries – the one that was on the Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” sticky bun challenge (where she kicked his ass might I mention!).

Anytime we go to a bakery, it never fails: Tony gets something sweet, and I get something savory. It’s just how our taste buds work I guess. So today, it was no different. He indulged in a yummy maple oat nut scone while I savored a cheddar and scallion scone.

Flour is more known for Joanne’s sticky buns. Unfortunately, we’ve never gotten to the bakery in time to try one yet. Plus, they have nuts in them so I’d either have to just take Tony’s word, or keep a stock of Prednisone in my pocket while I take a bite. (God, I hope my allergist is not reading this.)

Anyway, I think we both liked this location better than the one in South Boston, even though it was jam packed with loud little babies and kids (the Boston Children’s Museum is nearby). It just smells so darn good in there (they do yummy sandwiches too) and the space is very lofty yet cozy. Afterwards, we checked out these condos around the corner and dreamed about being able to come early enough one day to try one of the sticky buns.

Definitely want to bring our parents here the next time any of them are in town for a visit.


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