met bar & grill in natick, ma

Last weekend, Tony and I went down to the Natick Collection (read: mall) to do some shopping. Then our tummies starting growling. And of course, it was so much easier to stay inside a warm and cozy mall than venture out into the cold New England air in search of the Melting Pot restaurant that I wanted to check out. So we ended up getting burgers at the Met Grill & Bar. Yummy burgers, I might add.

This was our second time at this restaurant. (Yes, I really do like Nordstrom.) Last time, we sat at the bar and watched the Pats game. This time, we sat at the back of the restaurant and it was quite cozy. They have a regular menu with grilled items, and then they have the burger menu. You basically pick your meat (beef, turkey, veggie, and they even have Kobe beef) and then whatever else you want on top from all sorts of shee-shee things. Hey. I like shee-shee things on my burger. Ahem.

Anyway, I went bunless again this time (stupid sesame seeds I can’t eat on a bun) and this time it just came on the plate as is which was a tad disappointing because last time it was served in a little bowl on top of a yummy arugula salad. Oh well. And yes, they did forget the sauteed mushrooms. Oh and they forgot Tony’s cheese. Okay, well, so we’re still debating whether they forgot these things or if our waitress forgot to tell them. Anywho.

They were good. Good, juicy, tasty, burgers. I had Manchego cheese on mine this time with a garlic aioli on the side. Yum-o as Ms. Ray would say. But the best part of the whole meal?

The fricken onion rings! Man-oh-man! These are sooooo good! They are super thin pieces of onion fried in such a yummy batter. We got the 50/50 basket of rings and sweets (sweet potatoes) and I have to say the sweets are a very close second.

So overall, would we go there again? Of course. It’s a nice restaurant, great burgers, and they serve a really good Carmenere wine from Chile.


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