shopping for turkey day

I don’t really know why I decided to go to Whole Foods to buy the stuff for our Thanksgiving meal since I don’t go there regularly. But anyway, I went there in search of a light turkey (less than 8 lbs – impossible) and came across this huge, expensive one in the turkey section. Insane how much people will pay for turkey!

Anyway, before that, I asked someone that I thought worked in the produce department if they had any brussel sprouts. After being taken to the baking aisle and then asking the guy again if he knew that I had asked for brussel sprouts, he led me back to the produce section to a woman. She didn’t know what I was talking about so she got a real dude that worked in the produce section. After I asked him where the brussel sprouts were, he – probably laughing in his head thinking I was a total moron – led me to this giganomous display at the front of the produce section that I obviously (read: stupidly) did not see. Wow. I have to say that that is a brussel sprout lovers’ dream of a display. You get to pick your own! Woo hoo!


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