santa & a doggy cookie

Ah, it’s definitely time for the holidays. I know because I’m super busy. Too busy to update my blog(s)! Anyway, a couple of random photos. We were driving around on Sunday afternoon looking for a parking spot in Harvard Square and we saw Santa on a bike. See, even Santa’s going green.
And then today on my way to work, I decided to stop by A Pet Spa on Somerville Avenue to get our Dad & Debbie’s dog, Riley, a treat for Christmas. I’ve walked by there so many times and it’s so cute because you can see the dogs being groomed through the windows. Anyway, they had this super cute doggy cookie that says “I {heart} Somerville” on it so I had to get one to send to Riley. I put it in a ziploc bag — I hope my Dad realizes it’s for Riley!


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