After delaying a couple of months due to sickness, job change, and the lack of health insurance, I finally started my phototherapy treatments last Friday. Basically, it’s like standing up in a tanning booth. I’ll go three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) up until our wedding in June so I’ll probably be a couple of shades darker by then. LOL

So far it seems to be going okay. I mean, my skin hasn’t completely fallen off or anything scary like that. It’s a pain to have to get up really early on those mornings and trek over there, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end. Cross your fingers folks.

This is totally random but I was searching for something on my blog and came across a post on 3/23/06 about making lists. Funny, I don’t make lists as often as I did back then when I think about it now, but my job situation has changed a lot so maybe that has something to do with it. Anywho, I had posted something I had received in an email and thought it might be fun to fill it out with current answers, especially the food part since we’ve discovered my food allergies. What would your answers be? (I posted the old list in black type and put my new answers in green next to them to see the changes.)

Twelve Movies (not in any order)

1. Sense and Sensibility
2. Pride and Prejudice (yes, the really long 2-disc version!)
3. I, Robot (Spanglish)
4. Mad Hot Ballroom (The Holiday)
5. Ever After (No Reservations)
6. Roman Holiday (Garden State)
7. Sixth Sense (it still gives me chills!) (Oceans Eleven)
8. Notting Hill
9. Love Actually
10. Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh version) (Chicken Little)
11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
12. The Wedding Singer (I can never really get tired of that for some reason) (Amelie)

Eleven Good Bands/Artists (not in any order)

1. The Cardigans
2. Weezer
3. Kelly Clarkson (The Shins)
4. Kurt Elling
5. Sting
6. The Push Stars (Pet Shop Boys)
7. The Corrs (Harry Connick Jr.)
8. Jackson 5 (The Killers)
9. 311 (Lenny Kravitz)
10. Marcy Playground (Sade)

Ten Things About You (delete after the … part and fill in with your answer)

1. I’m … 4′-7.5″ (an auntie to three nephews)
2. My favorite color … has always been some shade of green. (is still green but I really like brown too these days)
3. When I was little I wanted to be … the smartest person in my class. (a lawyer)
4. I miss … being with my nephews. (working with some people at Spark)
5. I am a … big [but shorter] sister. (bride-to-be!)
6. I’m definitely … not a morning person. (allergic to too many things)
7. I like to … clean my ears out with Q-tips even though I know you’re not supposed to and I tend to dig in there too deep to the point that I gave myself an ear infection and the doctor told me to lay off the Q-tips. LOL (take a lot of photos)
8. I’m … creative. (baking cookies right now)
9. I eat … just about everything! (a lot of cheesy pasta)
10. I love … romantic surprises! (sleeping in)

Nine Good Friends (not in any order)

1. Tony
2. Linda
3. Shannon
4. Jeff
5. Brian (Liz)
6. Debi (Jill)
7. Renee
8. Sara
9. Karen (Lorena)

Eight Favorite Foods/Drinks

1. sushi (now I just can’t have the sesame seeds or soy sauce but I still LOVE sushi!)
2. Korean BBQ (creamy macaroni and cheese)
3. a frozen mango margarita with salt from Fajitas ‘n Ritas (a glass of petite syrah wine)
4. potato pizza at Cambridge, 1
5. the little egg custard desserts that you get at dim sum (and any Chinese bakery)
6. smoked salmon bagels
7. a vanilla milkshake from Mel’s Drive-In in San Francisco, CA (but you have to have a burger with it, of course …) (manchego cheese)

Seven Things You Wear Daily

1. under garments (a bra)
2. a watch (vaseline)
3. a necklace (my engagement ring)
4. some type of clothing (it’s not good to go to work naked)
5. shoes
6. my security badge for work (panties — sorry, running out of things to list!)
7. now that it’s still frigid outside, long johns

Six Things You Hate

1. when people are excessively late (but geeze, hate is such a strong word …)
2. tourists in Boston during the summertime
3. tourists in Boston during the winter, spring, and fall …
4. racists
5. mosquitoes (and mosquito bites)
6. cleaning (my sister got that gene … hee hee)

(funny, all these things are the same … LOL)

Five Things You Do Daily

1. check my email
2. drink at least one whole bottle of water at work
3. get a caffeine fix
4. go to the bathroom about a gazillion times a day (see items #2 and #3 of this list)
5. read at least one person’s blog

(and these are the same too … hmmm …)

Four Shows You Watch

1. CSI (Scrubs)
2. Grey’s Anatomy (Globe Trekker – OMG, we love that Ian Wright!)
3. Desperate Housewives (The Food Network)
4. King of Queens (Jon and Kate Plus 8)

Three Places You’ve Lived Before

1. Hayward, California
2. Aurora, Colorado
3. Lynn, Massachusetts

(again, the same)

Two Things You Want

1. To win the lottery big time … I mean BIG time … so that my boyfriend and I can just do the things we love most in life and not have to worry about paying for life’s luxuries.
2. To always be happy in life.

(not bad ideas so I’ll keep them the same)

One Person You Want To See Right Now

1. My sister (Tony once his jazz gig in Worcester is done)

Okay so I’m going to tag three people to do this list on their blogs. Let’s see if they follow through! I’m tagging Liz, Amy C., and my training-for-the-Boston-marathon friend, Laura.


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