do you love hunnie too?

I’ve discovered a new way to walk from the T to Pierce Hall after my morning appointments so that I can avoid the hustle and bustle through Harvard Yard and jibber jabber of college students (no offense, sorry!). And along the way (I think this is just past the back doors to one of the libraries) there is this tree that someone has decided to make into Winnie the Pooh’s home. Quite cute actually. Strange, but cute. There were more stones lining the walkway to his door last week, and some stuff that looked like frisee or an entree garnish as a make shift garden. Just goes to show you that some people have a lot of free time on their hands.


3 thoughts on “do you love hunnie too?

  1. Darling — two things:1) Don’t you mean “jibba jabba,” a la Mr. T.? ;)2) Pooh’s house has been there for YEARS — way back before I was in college (so we’re talking early 90s) — who knows who made his home or who keeps it up, but it’s a long tradition. Pretty neat!

  2. LOL – seriously though? Pooh’s house has been there that long?! Yikes! That’s hilarious. I wonder if taking care of it is like passing the torch each year for some students. Interesting.

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