SoWA, Zapatos, and a bare ring finger

We managed to get a lot done today, and it turned out to be quite a beautiful one weather wise too. It was raining when we first got up, but then the blue skies took over and we were actually hot at one point. And to top it off, we had luck finding parking every where we went. How crazy cool is that?! We ran out of quarters eventually, but hey, thank you parking angel.

When we bought our wedding bands a couple of weeks ago, we got them from Barmakian Jewelers where Tony bought my engagement ring. We were a bit disappointed when he went to pick them up and noticed that they did not do the etched design on the outside of the band to match my engagment ring. So we had to leave both the engagement ring and the wedding band there this morning so that they could fix the situation before the wedding. Alas, I have a bare ring finger and it feels so weird not having my engagement ring there.

Then after that, we had to stop by the Men’s Warehouse Tux store to yet again fix another discrepancy that they had listed under our group’s settings. This time we caught that they had two different suit jackets for the whole group. Aye aye aye! How difficult is it to get it right, people?!

Then unfortunately, Tony had to do some work stuff. Luckily we were already in Downtown Boston and near his office building. We found a metered spot but it wasn’t adding time when we put a quarter in, so I told Tony I’d babysit the car while he ran into the building to take care of the problem. Of course, about ten minutes later, the parking ticket guy came around the corner so I had to move the car. Luckily, I was able to find a spot not too far away with a working meter, so I walked over to his building and went in to Sel de la Terre’s bakery. I bought a croissant to snack on while I waited for him, plus a loaf of brioche to make French toast with tomorrow morning. (Of course, just realized that I began this post after midnight so technically it’s already Sunday.)

After he put out the fire, we drove over to the South End because I wanted to go to the South End Open Market and see my friends Libby and Bonnie with their creations. They’ll be there on the following Sundays this summer: 5/18, 7/13, 8/24, 10/5, and 10/12. There are always a lot of interesting vendors at this event.

The SOWA location is not too far from Tony’s old rehearsal space, which has been gutted and turned into new condos called The 1850. It seems that they allowed a shoe store, Zapatos, to stay in the basement of the building. Tony wanted to go check it out but they do open houses by appointment only on Saturdays, so we popped into Zapatos instead. Of course, Tony was the one looking for new sneakers, and I’m the one that walked out with a new pair of shoes. Go figure. I didn’t know that Esprit made shoes, let alone shoes for kids, so I was happy to snag a good deal on these cute black slip ons for $20.

What else, what else. Finally found some Bluettes. And took a French cooking class tonight.

Whew. I am ready for Sunday.


1 thought on “SoWA, Zapatos, and a bare ring finger

  1. Wow! Your Wedding Day is coming up fast! Enjoy every second of your special day. Congratulations and Best Wishes!(((Hugs))))Jodi In NH

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