back to the real world

Wow, I can’t believe June is coming to an end already. I suppose having a wedding and honeymoon kind of makes time go by quickly, too. Before I go into wedding talk, a quick happy bee-lated birthday wish to my friend, Liz, whose birthday was on the 20th of June. And a bee-lated shout out to my nephew, Evan, who turned 4 yesterday. Also, happy anniversary to my new in-laws, Joe and Mary, who are celebrating their 41st today.

So the wedding. The wedding. Wow. What a fun time! Occasionally stressful, but fun! We are so thankful that so many of our family members and friends were able to fly out to join us in California. We were blessed with beautiful weather, our guests had fun trekking around Northern California, the local wineries sold cases thanks to us (ha ha ha), and we had a fabulous time celebrating. If you haven’t done so already, check out our photos on Shutterfly. I’ve posted photos from family and friends, plus our honeymoon photos, and a couple of little videos. We haven’t developed and uploaded the disposeable camera photos yet, so there are a lot more to come.

Oh and does it kind of freak me out that there are already over 9,000 hits on the site? Um, yes. Gulp.

So has it been hard getting back to real life? Yes. My body is still kind of jet-lagged and so I haven’t been going to bed at a normal hour yet. I think the first week back I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 am. Ugh.

And to make it semi-worse, I’m going through another skin patch test this week so I have stuff taped to the top of my back right now. (I’m going through my blog archives and I can’t believe I didn’t write about this back in January when I went through it the first time.) I had such a bad reaction to something(s) the first time I had this done that it spread into other areas of my back and the doctor couldn’t get a clear reading. Hence, the re-test. Although this time we’re just testing 50 out of the original 73 items so it isn’t quite as bad as I thought it might be. I go back to see him tomorrow and to have the stuff removed, but I still can’t completely shower until I go back on Friday for another reading. Sheesh. I just hope we find out what else is bothering my skin these days. Does anyone know how I can exchange my skin for some new, non-allergy prone stuff?!

Trying to stay positive … think good thoughts … SO can’t wait until Friday!!


1 thought on “back to the real world

  1. Congratulations! Your wedding pictures are so beautiful. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Wishing You and Anthony a lifetime of Happiness!

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