girls night out

Renee, Liz, Amy, Kathy, and I went to the Girls Night Out event at the Paper Source in Porter Square on Thursday night. It was a sold-out event and I think there were about 25 people there altogether. The cost of the workshop was $25 and during the 2+ hours we were there, we made three different craft projects while enjoying some wine and snacks.

At the first station, we made a travel portfolio out of two 5″x7″ envelopes and some of their large circle stickers. At the second station, we made collage postcards which were scanned and then printed out for us later. We got five of our own images, so the five of us swapped with each other and went home with five different designs. At the third station, we used rubber stamps and clear embossing powder to decorate our own tote bags.

On top of the craft projects, we also received a 10% off coupon for our purchases that evening. There was a raffle drawing and I won a stationery set. It was a fun time and neat way to spend time with the girls. We also saw Stephanie, Tara, and Katie there so it was like we made up half the party. 🙂 After we registered for the class, each of us received a confirmation paper invitation in the mail. All the little details – like the personalized plastic wine cups – were just so sweet and cute. I can totally see why this event sells out each time they do it!


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