vegas + the grand canyon

Tony and I flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada last Friday. Mom and Mike’s friends from England, Lorraine and Leon, had a spare room available in the house they rented (Castillo Ventana) so they invited us to stay with them instead of at a hotel on the strip. This was like our third or fourth time in Vegas so it was nice to experience it away from the action at night. Leon’s parents, Leo and Paula; Lorraine’s father, Les; and Leo’s secretary, Freida, joined them on the trip too.

On Tuesday, they surprised us by having us all caravan out to the Graceland Chapel where they renewed their wedding vows a la Elvis. It was fricken hilarious! They surprised Leo and Paula by having them renew their vows of 42 years. It was a great surprise! We celebrated by having lunch at the Bellagio buffet afterwards. Then Lorraine hit the jackpot on number 13 in roulette which was just insane!

Then they surprised us with a trip to the Grand Canyon via a Cessna plane and a special trip down to the bottom of the canyon via helicopter! Then we rode in a boat on the river for a little while.

I think these photos will express how much fun we had on our trip. 🙂


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