a successful day at the design hive – thank you!

Yesterday was my first of three dates at the Design Hive Market and I have to say that it was a pretty successful one. First, I want to send a shout out to all of my friends who took the time to come out to Cambridge despite the rainy weather. Thank you all for stopping by! It is a HUGE compliment when friends that are as crafty as me buy my cards – it’s just indescribable and I can’t thank you all enough!

Here are some photos I snapped yesterday … the first one is of the pile of stuff in our apartment lined up next to the door, ready to be loaded into the trunk by the two of us running in the rain. The rest are of my booth’s set up, which would not have been possible without the help of Tony (my wonderfully patient husband) and Renee (my equally patient and supportive friend)!! We got there a little after 8:30 am and it took the whole hour and a half to set up shop – crazy!

I sat between two great vendors: Clay Accents (Cheryl) and Seaglass Things (Marla). Cheryl and her good friend (a.k.a. show helper), Pam, were extremely nice and didn’t mind while our niece, Rachel, played with some of her pottery (she was cooking and mixing things). Cheryl’s pottery is beautiful – the glazes and techniques (like firing and melting marbles in the bottom of bowls!) are amazing. She’ll be back at the Design Hive on December 13th, so if you stop by be sure to tell her I sent ya!

Marla has been making beautiful jewelry with seaglass for over 13 years. Her pieces are gorgeous and there is so much attention to detail. She has an Etsy shop, so be sure to check it out when you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special. I totally fell in love with this bracelet that had seaglass that matched the shirt I was wearing that day. (P.S. Christmas is coming, honey! LOL)

There were so many cool vendors at the show on Saturday, and the cafteria was packed! I saw a customer that I met at my old job, Arielle, there with her beautiful pottery pieces. Beth Gaertner was also there with her amazing flameworked glass jewelry. My friend, Amy, bought a beautiful necklace from The Pebble Collection where a portion of the sales went to a charitable fund.

Bren Bataclan had his fun paintings on display there, too. (Be sure to check out Bren’s website and read about “Project Smile”!) One of my friends bought a painting similar to this one for her friends’ two little boys. They’ve moved from Boston to Colorado so it’ll be a nice reminder for them of the East Coast!

All of my cards are back online in my Etsy shop, so if you saw one you liked at my booth during the show, you can probably order it there! I’ll be back at the Design Hive on 11/29 and 12/20. Hope to see you at one of the dates!


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