sunday morning + a new project

After hopping around a few blogs this week, I came across one by Shimelle Laine. I found a neat little idea for a new project I want to work on based on a journaling exercise she has posted here. I like the concept of starting [a scrapbook layout] with your journaling first, and then going back to create the rest of it based on collected thoughts. So for this project – I think I’ll call it my ’28 Days’ project – I’m going to follow a particular journaling style similar to this:

Start a new page and number 1 to 9. In each of those spaces, write down something you love. They can range from your spouse to your favourite soup! Once you’ve made the list, go back and add some description to each one. A bonus if you can play with alliteration—adding words that start with the same sound. So you might have ‘sunsets’ on your list, and transform it to ‘shimmering summer sunsets’. Once you’ve added a little something to each word, you’re ready to turn your list
into some fabulous sentences. Just fill in these blanks with the phrases on your list:
I love _____, _____ and _____.
I love _____, _____ and _____.
I love _____, _____ and _____,
but I can’t stand ______________.
Add something you don’t like to the last blank for a punchy element of contrast.

I think I’ll skip on the “but I can’t stand” line and just focus on things I love. And then after 28 page entries that I’ll keep in a journal (God knows I have a ton of things to write in), I’ll start pairing things up in sets of three to create a page about them. Sometimes they’ll go together and perhaps other times they will not. I imagine I’ll collect things like photos (of people, food, things, you name it) and random memorabilia (like clothing tags, receipts, catalog cut outs, the list goes on). And then my goal is to create one page per day in February – that’s where the number 28 comes into play. I hope to post them online each day in the style that Ali Edwards posts her projects (possibly create a separate blog for it?), and then explain how the pages were put together (see this), etc.

So anyway. Will you do this project with me? It would be great to see what other people come up with. Leave a comment if you’re interested!

I think one of the things I will write on my list starting today is this:

“I love when – instead of continuing to sleep in on a Sunday morning in our comfortable bed with warm blankets and soft, light snow falling outside our window – my husband whispers in my ear: ‘will you make me some pancakes?'”

And I already have the photo to go with it:

(I have to admit, I like Sunday morning pancakes, too. Made from scratch I dare add.)

Okay, so that aside, here’s a funny for Sunday morning. Today is our friend, Luke’s, birthday. Happy birthday, Luke! So I made some brownies for Tony to take to band rehearsal this afternoon and we wanted to make it a little more festive for the occasion. Well, all I could find in our cupboards was this tube of orange icing from who knows when (let’s hope the guys eat all the brownies before reading this – it’s just sugar – does sugar go bad?!). And it was incredibly difficult to squeeze out of the tube so Tony decided to try it out himself.

[drum roll please]

[I think his knuckles are turning white from squeezing so hard!]

Ta-da! LMAO Not bad … I think Luke will get the point! 🙂


1 thought on “sunday morning + a new project

  1. Are you going to use all of those prompts or are you going to do a countdown like Ali Edwards? I’d be interested in doing a countdown. Like perhaps a countdown to the new year since we’re already so far into December?

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