algiers + brussel sprouts

After a late night out with some friends last night, we slept in today and I found it incredibly difficult to leave the warmth and comfort of our bed to face the icy cold weather outside. Alas, a bunch of errands needed to be done so we headed out despite the below freezing temps.

I went to the post office on Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge and the line was almost out the door. Yikes! Tip for you peeps: use the self service automated machine to mail out your packages. There were two people ahead of me in line but all-in-all, it only took me about ten minutes. Definitely would’ve been there longer if I stood in that other line!

I met Tony at Burdick’s but that line was almost out the door, too, so we opted for another place to get our daily dose of caffeine. I took him over to Algier’s where we managed to find a table upstairs. He had a yummy caffe mocha while I enjoyed a latte and a croissant. It’s a cute place but it can get quite crowded.

Afterwards, we made a trip to Paper Source so that I could return a couple of things and turn in my submissions for their holiday card contest; to Michael’s so I could pick up a birthday present for one of my coworkers; and then to the grocery store to get shrimp for tonight’s dinner. While we were at Stop & Shop, we saw these huge stalks of brussel sprouts.

It was funny to me that it would’ve been cheaper to buy the giganomous stalk that weighted ten pounds rather than the little bundle of them in a container. But we couldn’t see how we’d get something like that home, let alone what we would’ve done with a million brussel sprouts.

I’m going to end this post on that note. Gotta go do our Christmas cards before it’s too late.


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