a very busy saturday

Whew! Saturday was a seriously jam packed day for me. It all kind of started on Friday with preparation for the blizzard that was due to hit our area around 1:00 pm. After the disaster that happened last year where people didn’t get released from work until after the snow began to fall, I think a lot of businesses released employees way in advance just in case. So after we got the okay to go home at noon, I sped home to get things ready for Saturday’s Design Hive show because it was happening regardless of the snow! I snapped a photo of our car on my walk to work that morning, and then took another one of Tony brushing off the car before we left on Saturday morning.

The Design Hive turned out to be a great success by the end of the day. It was pretty quiet early in the morning – probably when people were at home digging themselves out of the snow – but then it got really busy around 1:30/2:00 when people got stir crazy being cooped up in their homes. A special thank you to my friends that managed to weather the icy cold (it was like 20 degrees outside all day!) to come see me: Luisa, Liz, Lorena, Laura, Chris and Lynn, Teeru, Kate, Stephanie M., and Stefanie!! It was so good to see familiar faces there – I can’t thank you all enough!

Here are photos from the show. The first one is (like the one above) of my wonderful husband waking up early with me to take me there; my booth complete with a wrinkled sign and tablecloth; Rebecca‘s table; Knitz for Kidz‘s booth with the cute little knit animal hats; Stephanie‘s table; Andrea’s table; one of the young kids that went around selling holiday baked goods and coffee throughout the day; and Joe Fox (Val’s husband) buying some cookies from another little boy. The kids were incredibly cute and polite! I wish I didn’t have these stupid food allergies so that I could’ve eaten their yummy looking cookies and homemade empanadas!

And then right after the show we went home, ate a quick dinner, and then drove out to Harvard Square to park the car. Then we hopped on the red line to downtown Boston to meet up with Jim and Marcie to watch the Harry Connick Jr. concert at the Colonial Theatre. It was quite an amazing show!! I like how it wasn’t completely just Christmas songs. They did a lot of cool, New Orleans-based songs too. Here’s a little bit of the encore they performed:

He is such a talented artist and entertainer. Plus he’s so darn handsome. Yum! 🙂 Afterwards, we went around the corner to Rock Bottom for food and drinks before facing the cold weather home.

Needless to say, I slept in today. I love Sundays. 🙂


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