morning walk photos

My walk to work is a pretty nice one because I get to go through part of a Cambridge neighborhood where there are homes with high price tags. I snapped a couple of photos along the way this morning (click on them to see the image at full size). The first one is of a house I walk past nearly every day. I just love the row of icicles going across the edge of the roof.

I walked past this house yesterday and noticed the giganomous wreaths, so I took a photo of them today. Insanely huge, eh?

Here is one of them close up. I think it’s cool how they used the citrus fruit instead of more traditional things to decorate the wreath. I wonder where one would get a wreath that big though.

And then the last three photos I would like to post are simply birds. I don’t know why but lately I’ve had this fascination with birds. Like I’ll wonder where they go when it snows. I wish I could be a bird so I could fly away to different places around the world. And poop on mean people when necessary. Anyway, it was weird because the first two flew by my head this morning and perched near by, almost as if they wanted me to take their picture. (I know, speaking of birds, my brain’s going a bit coo-coo typing this entry.) I don’t know what kind of bird the first one is, but the second one is a robin, and the third one is of a white pigeon.

Okay, enough bird talk. Gotta go make some cookies!


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