ariadne restaurant & bar

We celebrated the New Year with Tony’s brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Marina, by meeting them at Ariadne Restaurant & Bar in Newton. It’s a cute little [Greek] restaurant with Mediterranean and Asian influences, and luckily they were open on New Year’s night (funny how a lot of restaurants aren’t by the way).

The decor is very classy and comfortable at the same time. The menu was a little bit confusing to read because they have a regular menu, plus one they call the “Neighborhood Menu”. We managed to figure things out and shared the Kofta (crispy balls of ground meat, bulgher wheat, and jasmine rice with tzatziki), Dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice & seasonings), and Duck Liver Pate (served with with brandied cherries, toast points, pear, and hazelnuts) appetizers. Joe also had the lobster bisque soup which he said was good, but not what he had expected. I think the Mediterranean version was not smooth like the way it’s normally prepared in New England, but he said it was good. We ate every bit of the appetizers (even asked for more toast points for the pate!), so I think everyone enjoyed them. LOL

For dinner, Tony had the seafood paella with saffron rice, fish, chorizo, mussels, and roasted tomatoes. Marina originally wanted to get the tuna sashimi dish but the waiter said they were out of the other components that they normally use to make that dish since they had a wedding at the restaurant earlier that day. So they compromised and brought out just the tuna with some slices of avocado and lemons. Joe had the bolognese pappardelle with an almond and basil pesto sauce. I had the golden trout dish over jasmine rice. I know that it looks rather plain in the photo below, but it’s normally served with edamame and pickled vegetables and since I’m allergic to both I asked them to omit them.

Again, the food magically disappeared and both guys were complaining of having that feeling like your stomach was going to burst, so we skipped ordering dessert to my dismay. Would definitely go back there again for another special occasion celebration! Highly recommended for a romantic dinner getaway, too.


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