featured on etsy, part 2

Check this out! Another Etsy user picked one of the items from my online store to feature in a list of her favorite picks (click to enlarge the photo):

The “love is the spice of life” card is actually made with three stamps I had custom made from Impress Rubber Stamps last year. I got the base of the shaker image from the Microsoft Clipart Gallery, played around with it a little in Photoshop, and then drew in each of the little hearts so that they were all on one side of the container to make it look like they were pouring out. Then the hearts coming out of the shaker are a separate stamp, and then the sentiment. Funny thing is that I came up with the sentiment because I originally thought about doing little spice jars as our wedding favors, so I was going to stamp that on the card or tag that we would’ve attached to them. Alas, I went with different favors but I still liked the sentiment so much that I built the images to go with it.

Anyway, not that you needed that much information! Be sure to check out this treasury list before it expires on Saturday (1/17) at 10:43 am EST!


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