camera pics + the killers

We have come a long way with technology to be able to take pretty decent pictures with our cell phones. Mine does an okay job and it’s super handy because I almost always carry the phone around and sometimes I leave the camera at home. Anywho, I snapped this one this morning on my walk to work in the snow. Yes, we got even more snow today. They (the weather people on TV) say that we’ve already reached 40 inches of it this season which is really high for our area. Anyway, it was the you-need-an-umbrella kind of snow this morning.

I am going to be so happy when I won’t have to wear my not-so-pretty-not-my-cute-pair-of-froggy boots. Seriously!

I had to do some errands during my lunch break the other day so I snapped these while walking through Harvard Square. The Bob Slate Stationery store on Mass Ave. had these really cool paper snowflakes in their window and it reminded me of the snowflake cutting contests I organized at Pioneer back in the day. Yes people, I actually coordinated such events in my workplace at one time. Crazy, no?

I think it takes a special talent to be able to make such pretty paper snowflakes. I’m sure if I really sat down to design one it would look okay, but some of these in their window really blew me away. Nice job folks!

So that’s that for cell phone camera pics. Now, on to The Killers.

Ah, yes, The Killers. I really like this band. I really like their songs. We went to see them Monday night at the Aggannis Arena in Boston and it was an awesome show. They started out with songs from their newest album, Day & Age, which – truthfully? – we haven’t liked as much as the other albums. But I do have to say that the songs from that album sounded much better live than on CD. Tony likes their Sam’s Town album more, and I like their first album, Hot Fuss, more.

Here’s a little video I made of the last song they performed that night, When You Were Young, from the Sam’s Town album. (P.S. It looks better if you play it in high quality!)

Still no word about the valentines being sold at the Fred Flare store – stay tuned and stay warm! đŸ™‚


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