buffalo chicken dip

My coworker, Elissa, found this recipe online the other day for buffalo chicken dip (and you all laugh at me for taking so many pictures!). She had tried it while tailgating at a Patriots game last season and she wanted to make it for their get together this past weekend. I decided to try it out because we were going down to Joe and Marina’s and thought they might like it too. It turned out great though the blue cheese was a tad overpowering, so I probably would use less next time.

Of course, check out our spread … a bit a on the shee-shee side with the wine, cheese, and crackers, but good. đŸ™‚

So I was a little bit lazy and decided not to melt the cream cheese the way the recipe called for. I probably should’ve because the cubed bits of cream cheese left large chunks in the dip, but it really didn’t matter because you could mash them down with a spoon in the end. We had some leftover so we took it home and Tony put it on top of a baked potato for dinner. Yum!

P.S. I bought some of the President spreadable brie and I am in love!!


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