successful sunday

Despite sleeping, I had quite a productive and successful Sunday. I managed to figure out my total revenue and sales figures for my small business so that Tony can begin filing our taxes for last year. I cleaned out and organized old phone bills, electric bills, gas bills, credit card statements, and a crazy stack of useless receipts. On top of it all, I made this knitted monkey toy.

I know, I surprise myself sometimes too. LOL I got the pattern from the Jelly Bums Etsy shop and just couldn’t resist working on it this weekend. I must say though, he looks rather pathetic compared to what he’s supposed to look like. I totally did his arm attachment wrong, and the poor guy’s ears are not even. The connection between his head and body made his head quite floppy, so I added a little green scarf to hide his scrawny neck. I think I was just too eager to get him made, so I’m too embarrassed to post him in the Jelly Bums Friends Flickr gallery. I think it’ll be saved for a baby toy for sure, and I’d like to give him a name but I can’t think of any. Next time I think I’ll use some sort of cotton yarn, smaller needles to get a tighter gauge (you can see the stuffing in some areas), and maybe take my time. LOL

Also cooked with prawns for the very first time … read all about it here. All in all, it was a pretty good, low-key, snowed in Sunday. NOT looking forward to the walk to work in the morning.


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  1. Hi Candice, Congratulations on being one of our three February Gallery Challenge winners! I don’t have your e-mail, so I decided to track you down on your blog.Please e-mail me at so we can discuss your prize. Thanks!Kelly

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