things that need fixing

Can someone fix my throat? It’s rather sore and my voice is harsh. I would so much rather be at the Green Street Grill celebrating Stephanie’s birthday right now than sitting here in front of the computer with the beginning of some sort of illness. The sore throat started yesterday afternoon and I felt nauseous by the time yoga started. I felt better through yoga, but by the time we got home I sounded like a frog and there was no more kissy kissy after that. So Stephanie, if you’re reading this (probably on Friday), I hope you had a fun time celebrating your birthday! I was so looking forward to going to trying out that restaurant too. Poop.

Something else that needs fixing: this poor stuffed bear that one of my coworkers asked if I could repair. Her mother made it for her son after she took a class, but the string that connected the head to the body was loosely stitched. And well, as you can see, the head is now detached from the body (click to enlarge the photo – and stop laughing).

Do you know how to fix something like this? My coworker mentioned something about the string that is still [barely] connecting the two parts was kind of whip stitched around the base of the head and then pulled tight around the screwed base of the body but I have no idea how to go about doing something like that. So this is a call out to all my crafty friends and blog followers. Please let me know if you know how to fix something like this and I can get you in touch with my coworker, who by the way, is more than willing to pay for the service.

In continuing with the theme of things that need fixing, look what fell off the bottom of our car the other night.

Niiiice. How old is the Sentra now? I think six years old. Luckily, we pulled over when we heard something dragging underneath the car and it fell off when we stopped the car. Since it has holes we don’t think that it was made to hold anything like liquids in it. So here’s another one (before we take it to get maintenanced) – does anyone know what this is??

The hyacinth plant on my desk at work has been blooming quite beautifully. In fact, the other day, I noticed what appeared to be some petals that fell between the base of the leaves. It turns out that another tiny stem started sprouting up!

I pulled a couple of the leaves down to give it some room to grow. It’s pretty cute! It smells so pretty on my desk, too.

Here’s crossing my fingers that this sore throat is just a sore throat and doesn’t turn into something worst. Easter’s coming for Pete’s sake! Crap.


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