silly putty

Happy [belated] Easter wishes to everyone!

I got us a pair of tickets to see The Shins at the Orpheum Theatre next month and decided to surprise Tony with the news when we went out to dinner on Saturday night. I wanted to put a note inside a plastic egg but of course – like real, chicken made kind of eggs – you can’t ever buy just one plastic egg anywhere. They always come in dozens. So luckily I remembered that I used to collect Silly Putty way back in the day. And I managed to find my stash so that I could “borrow” one of the egg cases for this purpose.

I don’t know why I ever collected Silly Putty to begin with to be quite honest. I think at one point in my [adolescent] life I must’ve thought it was super cool. What’s interesting is that it’s still good now. I took one out of the yellow containers and kneaded it and it was like it was brand new. That’s kind of freaky.

Anyway, what was even more of a ‘blast to the past’ was the metal container I kept them in. Check out this old school Hello Kitty’s friend, Pochacco, tin. My sister and I used to SO be into Hello Kitty garb.

Well unfortunately, I don’t think my hyacinth plant at work is doing well right now. This is what it looked like when I left on Friday afternoon …

… and this is what it looked like after I found something online about dead pinching the dry flowers, so I plucked them off. Looks rather lame, no?

Well, the only good thing that came from being sick and having to isolate myself from the rest of the world on Saturday was that I managed to crank out two cards. I am just not feelin’ the crafty mojo lately which is so not good. Anyway, I like how the red one turned out. And as you crafty readers might notice, yes, these are a couple of the new A Muse images that were recently released.

I hope I can set my butt down to make some more new designs tonight! A quick hello out to any new customers from mom‘s salon, Salon Terrazzo. She is selling cards there now, too, so if you’re in the San Ramon (California) area … wink, wink!


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