fun with wine + a competition

We had a blast at the Wine Riot event on Saturday! We met our friend, Stephanie, there and tasted a gazillion different wines (well, maybe not a gazillion, but close!) within the 4 hour period. Although, I’m sure you couldn’t tell by the looks of this photo.

They had a photo booth where you could get your photo taken wearing crazy costume pieces and holding funny signs. Ours was pretty tame, although some of these signs were quite risque! You can check out some pretty funny photos from the event here.

Alas, I thought I had scored the all-time best in Bubble Spinner this weekend with a whipping 1,966 points.

Seriously, it is not that simple! But then after I forwarded the photo of my screen shot to Tony’s coworker, he replied three hours later with a high score of 2,154. Ugh. The competition is so on. This boy doesn’t know how much I like a good challenge. LOL

Okay, on to crafting … will post some new card designs tomorrow. Happy Monday everyone (if there is such a thing)!


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