the shins

We went to see The Shins at the Orpheum Theatre last night. Wow, what a great show!

It’s funny because come to think of it, I didn’t even know what these guys looked like before seeing them on stage. I am truly a fan of their music in that sense, right? I remember hearing one of their songs on the radio last year and when the DJ would say that it was The Shins who sang it, I’d yell at the radio swearing that it was actually a Guster song. LOL Oh stupidity. And then I think that’s when I looked up the song online and alas, the truth was learned and I’ve been a Shins fan ever since (and a new Guster fan too I might add).

And then we watched Garden State for the very first time (which was quite a long time after it came out – we are so not hip when it comes to the movie scene) and later learned that two of their songs were on the soundtrack. So I bought the soundtrack and did my usual thing where I listen to it over and over and over again about twenty times before I decide to give it a break. Tony is the total opposite of me when it comes to new CDs. He can’t even listen to it again within the same day.

So anyway, the concert was great and they sound amazing live. The lead singer’s voice sounds just like it does on the CD which is kind of cool because I think that means they don’t do anything to tweak it when they record. I took some little videos … enjoy!

View full sized here.

View full sized here.

View full sized here.

View full sized here.


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