nina persson + a camp

We went to see Nina Persson’s new band, A Camp, perform last night at the Middle East downstairs. You might recognize her as the lead singer of The Cardigans, one of our favorite bands.

I still can’t believe we were able to stand in the front row and be less than three feet away from Nina. In-fricken-credible. Her voice is so mesmerizing and I think she is just so dang cool. Corny, I know, but what can I say?

Here are a couple of little videos of them. Such a great show!

They started off playing the first song on their new CD, Colonia, and it just got better as the night went on. Luckily, they were going to stick around after the show to sign autographs so we bought a CD and a t-shirt, then waited in line to meet them.

Okay, pause a moment and insert the reason why we need to get a new little digital camera: so for those of you who have seen the little Nikon that I carry around everywhere, you’ll know it’s on its last legs. For istance, the battery chamber will not stay closed unless I keep an elastic hair tie wrapped around the camera’s body (tho, that’s been like that for a long time). So of course, we’re in the front row at this show — a perfect photo opp, right?! — and I can’t make the gosh darn flash to work in auto mode!! Arghhhhh!!! Luckily I figured it out and found a “scene” option that had a flash. Whew.

But then it comes time to get a photo with the band members and — never mind the fact that both Tony and I were so nervous about being within speaking distance from them! — the camera freezes on the last photo it took! What the??!! Now?!! It had to happen now?! So picture the two of us fumbling with this thing, trying to explain to Nina (lol – I say that like I know her on a first name basis) that we need a new camera because this piece of shit blah blah blah and I’m ready to just bang it on the table to unfreeze it.


Ahhh, finally, it unfreezes from whatever it was doing and Tony was able to get this photo of me standing amongst Nina Persson, Niclas Frisk, and Nathan Larson.

Thank goodness it worked out in the end. Yes, I know I’m not the tall person in this photo. And yes, that is my star-struck geeky smiling face. Hee hee. I ❤ Nina!


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