duckfat in portland, maine

One word: duckfat. Yum-o!! I read about this place in a travel magazine, so when we planned our trip up to Portland, Maine, I knew we would have to stop in to try these famous fries. It’s a cute little shop at the end of Middle Street in downtown Portland that serves up wonderful panini sandwiches and these yummy fries. (P.S. Click on the photos to enlarge.)

It’s really cute and cozy inside, plus they offer seating outside. They have a really long magnetic board along one wall where there is bar/stool seating so you can play with the words while you wait for your food to arrive.

And believe me, you will know when the food arrives.

They’re so delicious by themselves because you can really taste the duck fat flavor in them. So nice and hot right out of the frier. But the garlic aioli is also yummy. As is the ketchup (see last photo below).

And then the panini sandwiches! Goodness gracious. We fell in love with the bread that they use, which we found out comes from Standard Baking Company.

Tony had the turkey, avocado, and cheese panini and said it was excellent. I had the ham and cheese panini (without the cheddar) and it was awesome. I would highly recommend stopping here for lunch if you’re in the Portland area. I know we’ll definitely go back the next time we’re in town!


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