farmers market at harvard

I was delighted about being able to check out the farmers market at Harvard this afternoon. Since our office is now located in Somerville, it will be really difficult for me to get over to the campus during the daytime, so I’d probably be stuck with slim pickings by the time I got there right before they close up shop.

Here are some pics I took with my camera phone of some of the goodies:

I was tempted to buy a new basil plant today since ours has pretty much run its course (hey, it lasted nearly a whole year so not too shabby!). Maybe next time I’m at the market (or if my husband reads this post on his way home today after work … lol).

Okay, so this photo title alternative could be: “the table that caused Candice to run to the bathroom” …

I think I started feeling itchy just looking at these beauties!

So what did I end up bringing home, you ask? A bunch of wonderful finds. Fresh green leaf lettuce that was just picked this morning (the woman described how tender the leaves were as she bagged the head for me); a freshly baked baguette to go with dinner tonight; a tomato that weighs one whole friggin’ pound (no kidding! I think I jumped back a little when I saw the guy put it on the scale); a 3/4 pound yellow squash; 3/4 of a pound of organic snap peas; a large bag of lavender; and a quart of beautiful strawberries.

The downside is that I can’t eat half these things but I hope my husband will enjoy them! I’m thinking about making a nice salad out of the tomato, snap peas, and a can of chick peas. You know, served cold, maybe with a chopped up red onion and some sort of vinaigrette. Have any suggestions on the vinaigrette? It would be really nice to make this later in the week to take up to my in-laws’ house for the 4th of July holiday, but I’m afraid the fresh vegetables won’t make it that long. Hmmmm.

Oh and more pictures. 🙂

If you get the chance to stop by the farmers market at Harvard: it happens each Tuesday from 12:30 to 6:00 pm from June 16th through October 27th ,and it’s right outside Harvard Yard (close to the Kirkland Street side). What’s neat is that you can sign up for their newsletter here and you’ll get an email the day before letting you know which vendors will be at the market and what they plan to bring from their farms.

Can’t wait to have that bread with a light salad tonight! I’m going to try a recipe I saw Giada make on the Food Network the other day. It’s called “cheesy baked farro” but I’m going to make a couple of substitutions since I don’t know what farro is and/or if I’m allergic to it. Will definitely post the results here later. 🙂


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