cast your vote – round one begins now!

As mentioned in a previous post last week, Paper Crafts Magazine is holding a Gallery Idol competition for the third year in a row and I managed to make it past the “audition” round! There are 20 contestants participating in this round and our first challenge was to create a wedding card. Here is the design that I submitted:

This is where you come in! Just like the TV counterpart, online viewers will vote each week to decide which of the contestants will move forward in the next round.

So are you ready to vote??!! If so, here’s how:

1. Go to the Gallery Idol site:

2. Click on the link to ‘register’ and complete the form.

(eta: sorry, I forgot these next couple of steps …)

3. They’ll send you an email confirmation that you registered, with a link to click on inside the email. Then it should bring you back to the contest page.

4. Some people said that this is where it got a little confusing, because after you log in it gives you that registration form again. Just ignore it and click on the tab that says “vote”.

5. Find the card that you wish to vote for, then scroll down to click on “save vote”.

I know it’s a pain to fill out the form but hopefully it’ll only take a few seconds! (It’s to make sure that only one vote per person gets logged in.) This round of voting will be open from 12 noon (mountain time) on July 6th (Monday) through 12 noon on July 9th (Thursday), so be sure to get your vote in before then!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend! Here’s hoping for at least a couple of days of sunshine here in the northeast!!


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