world salsa sundays at the beehive

The downside to taking naps in the middle of the day on Sundays is that your chances of falling asleep later that night at a regular bedtime are pretty shot. Rewind to last Sunday: lazy and cranky me, took a nap (maybe 2 that day? hmmm … can’t seem to remember). 8:30 pm rolls around and I’m no where near being tired or sleepy. Luckily, Tony also took a nap that day so we decided to head out for a drink at the Beehive.

I know I’ve said it in posts before, but we just love the Beehive. I love the stage area, the bar, the atmosphere, and the food. We happened to stroll in on one of their World Salsa Sundays with a band, Cincoson, playiing some kick-ass salsa music on stage.

And of course, there’s nothing nicer than a carafe of wine, sage frites, and a Sunday night out with your honey.

Salsa Sundays will go on through the rest of the year according to the events page on their website, so definitely stop in one night if you’re in the area.


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